Apple Cider Drink Benefits – What Vitamins are in Apples?

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Apple fruit benefits

What Vitamins are in Apples? | Apple Cider Drink Benefits

Why! An Apple a day keeps the doctor away? What is an Apple? What vitamins are in apples?

Apples are like a combo of all benefits. No doubt all fruits have their own specialty but Apples is one of them which contain mostly all interest. In addition, there are healthy vitamins in apples, those keep our body strong and strengthen our metabolism system.

What Vitamins are in Apples

Vitamin C helps greatly to improve our immune system. Many people who do not use products containing Vitamin C in their diet, as a result, have poor healing and have bleeding gums. Furthermore, one medium-size apple (with skin) contains:

  • 0.48 grams of protein,
  • 4.5 grams dietary fiber,
  • 11 grams calcium,
  • 0.03 grams iron,
  • 8.5 mg Vitamin C,
  • 0.35 mg Vitamin E,

in addition, it contains a variety of other contents and minerals.

What Vitamins are in Apples

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Prevent Heart Diseases

The reason it can prevent both coronary health disease and cardiovascular disease is that apples have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Prevent Heart Disease - Apple Health Benefits

Low in Calories

Sugar and calories are main sources to generate many diseases. The thirst to fill sugar candies cannot end. Therefore, Apple is the best substitute for it, on average One, Apple contains 75-100 calories. And fulfill body’s sugar desire.

Low in Calories - Apple Health Benefits

Prevent Cancers

Due to its property of anti-inflammation keeps cancer away from the body.

Prevent Cancer Disease - Apple Health Benefits

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Contain Phenols

Increase level of cholesterol can be the cause of death. To lower down the cholesterol level, an apple contains phenols. Phenols fight against to reduce bad cholesterol and as a result generate or increase the ratio of good cholesterol.

Vitamin in Apples to Fight against Disease

Protect from Brain Disease

Apple has an element called photo-nutrient which prevent neuro-diseases like a brain tumor. Hence, It protects our brains from brain disease.

Protect Brain Disease - Apple Health Benefits

Healthier Lungs

Asthma is the disease in which you cannot breathe properly. While Apple contents are very good to cure this disease and keep our lungs healthy. In conclusion, Eating 6-7 apples per week suppress the causing of respiratory.

Healthier Lungs - Apple Health Benefits

Prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth belongs from the category of bones. Tooth decay happened due to low presence of Vitamin D and as a result, its primary reason is bacteria. Juice of apple with lemon drops kill bacteria and strong our teeth.

Healthy Teeth - Apple Health Benefits

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Apple Cider Drink Benefits

  • It increases the digestion process which in result add more hormones in our body.
  • Iron keeps our body strong, due to a high level of iron in apple cider, it carries oxygen to our body cells and strong it.
  • Due to the detoxifying effect of apple cider, it boosts body’s fat-burning process.
  • It suppresses the body’s Sodium need. Sodium is an element that increases our hunger for fast food and in the result, we gain weight. Continuous use of cider control the crave of fast food and keep us healthy.

Apple Cider Vinegar Drinking Health Benefits


In conclusion, Apple is the most healthy fruit, with its red color juicy flesh, and plenty of nutrients. Vitamins in apples and other contents in cider are the major necessities for our body. We should develop a habit to add apple as essential part of our meal in our daily diet. Regardless of which one you eat, it is going to profit you immensely.




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