Health & Skin Benefits of Mix Fruit Salad Recipes

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Salad benefit weight loss

Health & Skin Benefits of Mix Fruit Salad Recipes

Vegetables and mix fruit salad recipes are not only healthy but additionally help to lose your body fat. Most of combinational fruit and vegetable recipes have low calories and a good amount of nutrients.

Vegetables and fruits those contain high water contents and fiber. They will fill your stomach instantly and as a result, you will lose your weight quickly by consuming the fewer calories.

Moreover, you can make a variety of salads with different combinations of fruits and vegetables and eat them without getting bored.

However, not all fruits and vegetables are weight loss friendly. If you don’t choose correct fruit or vegetable for your salad smartly you cannot achieve your goal.

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Mix Fruit Salad Recipes

Here is a list of veggies and fruits which can be helpful in your weight loss journey.

mix fruit salad recipes


Cucumber contains 96.7% of water and very few calories in it. it not only fills your stomach but also make you refresh.


nutritional value of lettuce

Lettuce is a rich source of vitamin B and folic acid. Due to low calories, it can prove your good friend in weight loss journey.


It contains antioxidants and potassium .hence lightly steamed cauliflower is a good option for you if you trying to lose your weight.


nutritional value of radish

Radish has the high quantity of antioxidants and compounds of sulfur. It helps in digestion and controls the causes of weight gain.

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Cabbage has the high amount of antioxidants .so it not only good for your immune system but also helpful to reduce your weight. Soup of cabbage is not only delicious but it is also so filling and helpful in your low-calorie diet.


nutritional value of grapefruit

Studies show that the use of grapefruit helps to reduce your extra fat. So having a glass of grapefruit juice is a good option.


Despite the fact that it only provides only 6 calories it has a filling and satiating property. By adding it in your meal especially in your salads you will not only feel full but refreshing too.


nutritional value of lemon

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Lemon is full of vitamin C. It does not only add taste to your salad but also it is good for fat loss. It is also beneficial if used in lukewarm water.

Points to remember while making Vegetables and Mix Fruit Salad Recipes

  • Salad dressing should not include high calories. Full cream mayonnaise too much cheese should be avoided
  • Do not add so much salt or sugar
  • Always use fresh vegetables and fruits and wash them properly before use
nutritional value of mix salad
Drawbacks of Salad Diet

Eating salads do not mean to rely on only vegetables and fruits. If you are eating salads only as your main energy source then you are playing with your health. By consuming veggies and fruits only you will definitely lose your weight but you will also miss so many nutrients necessary for your health like calcium vitamin B12 vitamin D Zinc etc. It will have some serious effect on your health. So your diet should not make up for veggies and fruits only.

How to use salads in diet?

Try to add some part of proteins and healthy fats like grilled chicken, cheese, nuts, beans etc. You can also use salad as your side dish.

In conclusion, vegetables and mix fruit salad recipes are good in nutrition for us. Their addition as part of our daily food will give us amazing results. Naturally grown organic vegetable and fruits contain unlimited nutrient and we cannot discover their full facts. But their consumption in large quantity gives the best result.




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