Is Lemon Water Good For You? (Lemon Drink Benefits)

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Lemon Water good points

Is Lemon Water Good For You? | What is Lemon Drink Benefits?

Our body contains up to 60% of water. Water is the main source of minerals. Those are the basic necessity of our body. Also, it regulates body temperature and responsible to excrete waste materials from the body. Our body loses water in the process of sweating and digesting. As a result, we feel dehydrated. So, our water intake should be high enough to maintain a normal level of water in our body. Some people cannot drink enough water to meet their needs as they do not like the taste of water. Then they can add some natural flavors to attain additional benefits. One of such example is the ‘Lemon water’. No one can deny the benefits of lemon and water but the question arises. Is lemon water good for you? What are lemon drink benefits?

Is Lemon Water Good For You?

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How to prepare lemon water drink

  • Take a glass of lukewarm water (200ml),
  • Add the juice of a lemon (40ml) in it,
  • Mix and enjoy a fresh drink.
Tip: For best results use this drink in the morning time.

This lemon water drink will give you so many advantages. Some are listed below:

Weight Loss

Lemons are rich in fibers it maintains the digestive system and decreases hunger. Therefore, it is good to take lemon water before every meal.

Weight Loss by Lemon Water Drink

Fight Acidity

Lemons behave like an alkali in our body after being metabolized. So, it is good to fight against acidity and it balances the Ph of the body.

Improve Acidity by Lemon Water Drink


Vitamin C in lemons helps to fight from Cold. Hence lemon tea is a good option in cold condition to be relaxed and reduce phlegm.

Lemon Water Drink best for Blood Pressure

Controlled Blood Pressure

Lemons are high in potassium which balance out the salt level and as a result lower the rate of high blood pressure.

Clear Skin

Lemon contains Vitamin C and Citric Acid. Which lighten the tone of skin. And make the skin clear and glowing. It is also helpful to reduce the pigmentation and dark spots.

Clean Fresh Skin by Lemon Water Drink

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Detoxifying property

Not only lemon excretes all toxins from the body but also keeps our urinary tract in a good state.


If you are feeling down and stressed, it can be the result of dehydration. Lake of water level in our body builds up the content of toxins. Lemon water can help us in this situation. It removes toxins and balances the level of water in our body.

Body dehydration - Use Lemon Water Drink

Immune System

Lemon water is very effective in viral infections. It also boosts the immune system and makes you healthy and strong against germs.

Decrease the Risk of Heart Stroke

Since lemons are loaded with vitamin C. As a result lemons decrease the risk of heart of stroke by reducing cardiovascular diseases.

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Natural Energizer

Lemon hydrates our body and provides us energy instantly. As a result, we feel refreshed and active.

Natural Energizer and mouth fresher

Natural Mouth Fresher

Lemon is very effective for bad breath. It also restricts the growth of bacteria. If you take a glass of lemon water after eating food you can get rid of the strong smell from your mouth.

In conclusion, use of natural lemon water drink is an all-rounder which helps us by all means. Hopefully, after such a brief informative article your question “is lemon water good for you?” is solved.




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