How to Remove Headache Migraine Pain Naturally

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Headache Pain solution

How to Remove Headache | Migraine Pain Naturally

A headache is a severe and throbbing condition which can be last up to 70 hours.  It can have some more issues accompanied with it like vomiting, flashes of light, sinus, dehydration, stretched legs, arms and neck muscles. Some headache (a migraine) patients have its stroke all of sudden while other can have some warning signs before it starts. Now the question arises. How to remove headache migraine pain naturally?


Headache |  Migraine | Symptoms

A migraine is actually a severe type of a headache and different people experienced different symptoms.

  • Usually, it increases with any physical activity like running, weight lifting, any pressure work etc,
  • May be you feel vomiting and light headiness during attack,
  • Sensitivity for light and sound increased and as a result, the patient wants to be alone in a quiet dark room,
  • People often feel moderate pain but after 1-2 hours it becomes severe and hard to tolerate,
  • It also affect vision and you may experience blurriness,
  • People experience it on one side or both sides of the head.

How to remove Headache | Migraine Solution

There is not a solid single solution for a migraine that can cure it completely. But its intensity and duration can be minimized. Here is a list of foods those can heal up your pain and helps you to get some relief.

How to remove headache

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is a power house and helpful health tonic. The best vinegar in health communities is Apple cider vinegar. It is very effective in migraines as it controls high blood pressure, reduces sugar level and detoxifies the blood.

How to usemigraine pain solution
  • Take a glass of fresh water,
  • Add 01 tablespoon of vinegar in it,
  • Add 02 teaspoon of honey,
  • Mix the solution and drink.

Tip: – To reduce the number of strokes, use it daily.

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A cup of black coffee has a great amount of caffeine which relaxes the nerves and helps to get relief in a migraine. But the excess use of caffeine can make the situation even worse, so use this item carefully.

Black Pepper

Black pepper is a magical thing for migraine patients. Because its aroma decreases the intensity of a migraine and provides instant relief.

How to use
  • Take few black pepper,
  • Roast them in a pan,
  • And smell its aroma.

Hence, in few minutes patient will feel relax and intensity of pain starts to decrease.

Pepper Mint

It has soothing property and it calms down our nerve system; additionally, it helps to reduce the intensity of a migraine.

Mint for headache solution

How to use
  • Take a 200ml fresh water in a pan,
  • Add few leaves of pepper mint,
  • Boil them together, for few minutes until water remains half,
  • Let it be cool and then add 01 tablespoon of honey before use.

Tip:- Massage of pepper mint oil on temples is useful.


Ginger contains inflammatory facts, proves very affecting in migraines. It is also supposed to block the prostaglandins which are responsible to produce pain. As a result, ginger helps to reduce the intensity of pain.

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 Apple Fruit

Apples are also helpful for a migraine. Studies show that the smell of green apple is helpful to reduce pain.


Juice of green apples can be used for cure.

Migraine Headache pain attack


Yogurt contains ‘Riboflavin’ which reduces the frequency of pain attack. Especially, for migraine patient, the use of 200-gram yogurt is recommended.


It has a big amount of magnesium which has pain relief property. While its regular use reduces the frequency of attacks.

Essential Oils

Massage of the head and especially temples block the pain signals and hence it reduces the frequency and duration.

Essential Oil massage for headache

How to use
  • Take two tablespoons of Sesame seed oil,
  • Mix half tea spoon of cinnamon powder in it,
  • Apply on the temple and gently massage with tips of fingers.


Lemon is good for a headache. Its results are effective and give results quickly. It’s refreshing property relaxes nerves and reduces pain. Due to the presence of citric acid people consider it an acidifying food but content of phosphorus, proteins and calcium balance and make lemon an alkalizing food.

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How to use

Method 01: For immediate relief, cut the lemon in two and apply crusts on your temples and forehead.

Method 02: Add lemon in lukewarm water and drink it. It will help to reduce pain caused by gas in the stomach.


Some people don’t know why they are feeling headache and actually, it happened due to body’s dehydration. So the use of salad at lunch time is a perfect way to keep our body safe from dehydration. Rich contents of salads should be:

Salad | Best for Dehydration | Relief Headache

  • Use of green vegetables (contain large amount of water),
  • Spinach and lettuce leaves (contain rich amount of fiber),
  • Lemon Juice (it’s alkalizing property helps to digest food).

No doubt, these fruits, and vegetables are useful but there are some factors which should be considered by a migraine patient to live a healthy life.

Natural Ways | How to Remove Headache | Migraine Pain

Natural ways to remove headache | Migraine

  • Never overstress yourself, try to be calm and stay relax. Because stress triggers the intensity of a migraine.
  • Drink plenty of water. 3 liter of water per day is recommended for an adult person.
  • Develop a habit to perform regular physical exercise especially in morning. As exercise relaxes your nerves and makes your muscles strong. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Enough sleep is very imported in the cure. At least 8 hours of sleep is necessary. Because lake of sleep causes anxiety, stress, and headache.

In conclusion, the condition of pain is uncomfortable. And if the pain is still triggering in your head; it is the most annoying situation. Therefore, above-listed food items and methods are very helpful and can be productive to reduce pain. We hope this article will help people to learn a method for how to remove headache pain with natural foods. But if you are experiencing heavy pain and not feeling good. Do not waste time and visit your medical practitioner.


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