Food Fact Of Life – Food Fight Pain

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Food Facts of Life

Food Fact Of Life – Food Fight Pain

Pain is that poor health condition in which all human beings as well as animals are suffering from the uncomfortable condition. To overcome this condition, 78% of people use instant allopathic medicines in spite of caring about their side effects. In fact, they are not familiar with food fact of life. Without delay, here are few natural remedies those are helpful.

Food Fact of Life

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Food Fact Of Life


Use of Aspirin is a common way to get relieved from pain instantly. But you will be surprised to know that Cherry extract is 15% more effective than any medicine including aspirin.


  1. Prepare a 200ml concentrated juice of Cherries,
  2. Add 01 tablespoon fresh lemon juice,
  3. Blend them gently.


Use two tablespoons of this juice twice a day.

Cherry - Food Fact of Life


In the case of injury or infection when body swells and red spots are visible with fever and pain, this condition is called body’s prostaglandin level. Use of ginger is useful to fight against this ailment. We commonly use ginger in the kitchen while making meals but if we increase the dosage it is profitable.


  1. Chop 100mg ginger into small pieces,
  2. Blend it with little amount of water,
  3. Add pinch of salt and black pepper,
  4. Another key point is to add 02 tablespoons fresh lemon juice and blend the mixture.


Use 01 tablespoons after breakfast.

Ginger Benefits - Food Fact

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Flax Seeds and Oil

Muscle rupture is the common issue in athletes, children and in old age people, especially if it happened in the winter season. Use of flax seed oil is the best remedy to overcome, as it contains a handsome amount of fatty acids, those are Omega 3s. And consider being the best fighter against diseases.


  1. Pick 300-gram fresh flax seeds,
  2. Mix it with 500ml cold pressure flax oil, (do not cook them)
  3. Preserve this oil into a bottle.


Use the oil over affected areas three times a day and immediately, cover your body with wool cloth otherwise muscle becomes stiff.

Flax Oil & Seeds Benefits

Celery Seeds

A condition (inflammation) in which several parts of body reddened, feel burn, swollen, and painful. It happened with old age people especially, when the weather is changing. To overcome this situation celery and its seeds are best because there is a substitute for salt and we can utilize them in our daily routine to get rid of pain discomfort.


  1. Chop the celery into small chunks,
  2. Prepare a soup as per your desire,
  3. Add celery in this soup.


Enjoy one bowl during lunch meal.

Celery Benefits - Food Facts

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If we need any instant pain relief for pain then Turmeric is the best choice.  It is a yellow spice commonly used in Asian dishes. It is an anti-inflammatory than allopathic dosages. Its main ingredient is Curcumin which is considered to be the best suppressor for pain.


  1. Boil 01 cup milk,
  2. Add 01 tablespoon of pure turmeric powder.


Take this mixture before sleep.



When body muscles are the week and you feel pain all the time. Then you need a boost to strengthen your bones and strengthen your muscles. Walnut contains Omega-3s (fatty acids) those are considered fighter against inflammation.


  1. Prepare powder of walnut,
  2. Boil the water,
  3. Take 100ml water and make a concentrated solution with walnut powder,
  4. Then, Boil it again to make a thick paste.


Add 01 tablespoon of paste in lukewarm milk and for good results use it after breakfast and dinner meal accordingly.

Walnut & Walnut Oil

Tip: Additionally, massage of Walnut oil over affected joint or muscle is used.

In conclusion, there are unlimited food fact of life and we can use them to solve our problem. It is up to us either we keep our life good, healthy, and comfortable or destroy it.


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