How to Stop cramp during period naturally

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Get rid of menstrual pain

How to Stop Cramp during Period

Time of period is the most uncomfortable condition of the month both physically and emotionally. In this situation, most of the female lie down, do rest and wait for the pain to vanish. To overcome this discomfort, uneasiness, cramps, and pain, girls usually use pain killer medicines. But it is not a good way to overcome this condition. If you want to get rid by natural ways. Here, you will find how to stop cramp during period.

Painful periods

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Why do cramp during period are painful?

It happened to all women every month but only a few understand what periods are and what the actual reason behind it?

When inner lining sheds, the female uterus contracts and this is how cramps occur during menstrual. So in very simple words, cramp during period happens due to contraction of the uterus. As it presses the adjacent blood vessels and it causes the blockage of the oxygen supply to muscle tissue. As a result, the pain starts in the lower abdomen.

But all females do not feel equal pain. A few feel it extreme while others do not bother it. Why did it happen?

Two type of menstrual pains
  • Primary menstrual cramps
  • Secondary menstrual cramps

Primary menstrual cramps

It is a type of cramps with no medical condition. And women feel ignorable pain.

Secondary menstrual cramps

It involves medical condition i.e. ‘Prostaglandin’. It a chemical that develops contraction in a uterus and due to this effect, cramp feeling in periods is higher in women.

Increase in pain is also linked with other factors like:

  • Imbalanced hormones,
  • Low thyroid level,
  • Infections,
  • Narrow cervical openings.

Besides pelvic ultrasound is compulsory to figure out what is the exact problem.

There are natural remedies to overcome from this discomfort situation.

Foods – Help to reduce cramp during period

cramp during period

In periods, what most women do? They follow the same practice by taking the painkillers, apply heating pads and lay down on the bed and use mobile or watch movies. Do you think this can help them to get relief? The answer is a big NO!

But here we have a list of top 11 foods those are very useful to use during period days or a week before them.

1. Water

Water is a universal solvent. It contains natural vitamins, minerals, and nutritional contents. These are not only healthy for our body but also work as alternative medicine during periods. Due to excessive use of water in menstruation reduces cramp, acne and as a bonus, it helps with bloating. If you maintain your body liquid level then you will feel no more pain.

Water useful for menstrual

2. Lavender Oil

Lukewarm lavender oil massage over stomach and lower abdomen give you an instant relief from cramp during a period. Apply this oil 10 – 15 minutes if you are feeling severe pain.

Lavender Oil massage cure cramps

3. Calcium

Calcium is the natural mineral and it is a common part of our diet. By the use of dairy products i.e. milk, yogurt, cheese etc will trigger the cramps. However, you can take calcium through other items. For example:

  • Spinach,
  • Soybeans,
  • Okra,
  • Salmon fish,
  • Oranges and etc.

Hence, qualitative use of calcium content is good to cure cramps. Additionally, there are many supplements available in the market but before use, make sure they are original and always consult with your medical doctor.

Calcium product

4. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate craving is always popular but Do you know it also prevents cramp during period? It has anti-oxidant and higher cocoa contents. Those are good for overall health. It contains low sugar and fat contents than other chocolates. It helps to keep our muscle relax, happier our mood and eliminates anxiety.

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5. Tea

Women increase the dosage of coffee during their period but it is unhealthy. It lowers your body water level and generates anxiety in the body. Instead of coffee, the use of tea is good but in a limit. For example:

  • Green tea – it helps cramps because it is anti-oxidant,
  • Peppermint tea – it helps to balance upset stomach,
  • Oolong tea – it cut down triglyceride, a fat found in blood,
  • White tea – it contains ‘Catechins’, help to reduce pain,
  • Chamomile tea – it has anti-oxidants,
  • Lemon Ginger tea – it boosts the immune system and works as a weapon against infection.

Tea variety for cramps

6. Honey

A mixture of honey with lukewarm water is a natural gift for cramps. It helps to relax uterine muscles those were blocking blood vessels and in consequence, reduce menstrual pain.

Tip: – Addition of Aloe-Vera juice eases the flow of blood.

7. Banana

This fruit is popular among the people of all ages. The vitamins and minerals of banana are effective for cramps. It contains vitamin B6 & C, rich in Manganese, Potassium, Copper, and Fiber. It helps to reduce period pain and bloating.

Tip: – Use of two average size bananas after lunch is a good routine.

8. Date

This fruit is full of energy. It is a good source of fiber, vitamin, and mineral. The date is called an instant boost fruit which can uplift the drowning energy boat of women. We can eat it plain, in a smoothie or in milk shakes.

9. Celery

This vegetable is full of nutrients. It contains zero calories, balanced minerals and they are full of water. It helps to fight against severe pain and especially bloating. Use of celery in the days of the period is very helpful. Many females do not like its taste, so they can mix or cook it with their meal.

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10. Carrot

It is famous that carrots are very good for eyes but we cannot fix this blessing vegetable only for one cure. Use of carrot in plain or its juice regulates menstruation.

Tip: – A glass of carrot juice with 01 tablespoons of lemon and pinch of black salt is great!

11. Papaya

It is considered as the world’s healthiest food. Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants nutrients with vitamin B.  It contains an enzyme, named ‘Papain’ that helps in the release of blood flow during menstruation.

Foods Not to use in Menstruation

Food to avoid in menstruation

Here is a list of food women should not use during periods.

  • Fatty & Red meat,
  • Very high sugar foods,
  • Caffeinated drinks,
  • Processed foods,
  • Fried products,
  • High carbonated meal.

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In conclusion, foods are the best alternative to medicines to reduce cramp during period. Effective use of fruits and vegetables keep you healthy and save you from pain in menstrual time. Still, if you are suffering from severe pain then do not wait for a miracle, make an appointment with your doctor.

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