What are the Benefits of Probiotics after Antibiotics?

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way to reduce medicated effects

What are the Benefits of  Probiotics after Antibiotics?

Main disturbance in our digestive, immune and respiratory system are due to excessive use of medicines. We have a big storage of medicine residue in our body when we suffer from a bacterial infection. And start medical treatment. The best way to detox our body is to use probiotics after antibiotics.

How do Antibiotics work?

It works by killing all bacteria (including good and bad) in our stomach and mouth. They leave our body lean and weak. Which cannot fight back against new germs and bacterial infections.

What is the importance of probiotics?

They are “helpful” bacteria because they make our body strong and help us to fight against germs and diseases. The deficiency created by the medicines should be covered by probiotics. We can find them in medical supplements and in few foods. For example, yogurt, chocolates, and yeast etc.

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probiotics advantages

Effect on Pregnant Women

Extra use of it by pregnant mothers is linked to birth defects. But eliminating excess antibiotics from our system can restore digestive balance and help our immune system to fight disease.

probiotics after antibiotics

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Eliminate the Source

The initial step is to consume low potency dosage. Rather do not use it regularly.

Stop Non-Organic Food Consumption

The food we buy from the market may be the source of antibiotics. Which we are injecting in our body daily. Organic foods like dairy products, meat, eggs, farm-raised fish, and foods are the healthy foods. Foods obtained from natural sources are Organic foods.

Foods those are not enriched to eat are categorized as non-organic foods. Those are the main source of microorganisms in our body.

Organic vs Non Organic

Use Antibiotic only for Infections

Never take medicines without the prescription. First be sure you have a bacterial infection because antibiotic does not work on seasonal viruses.

Consume Plenty of Anti-Oxidant –Rich Foods and Vitamin C

Rich foods contain a high amount of Vitamin C and fiber. Antioxidants enhance our immune system to help our liver to flush antibiotic contents from blood and cells. Hence, Eating fruits and vegetables (blueberries, cherry, broccoli) are a powerful source to generate anti-oxidants in our body.

Rich Foods advantages

Drink Pure Water

A habit of drinking plenty of water is best. Eight glass (02 liters) per day is the minimum limit to consume water for healthy living. Drinking enough water improve our liver and kidney functions. It also helps to strengthen our immune and digestive system. Additionally, improve body metabolism.

Drinking mineral water gives more benefits than pure fresh water. Because it contains too many minerals those are good for our body from all aspects.

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Garlic in Capsule Form

Garlic plays a vital role in the discharge of toxins from our body. It helps our kidney and liver to flush out the toxins while purifying our blood and cells. By increasing quantity of garlic in our food dishes will be helpful to suppress the effect of medicine effect.

Garlic Capsule to reduce medicine effects

Natural Yogurt to Kill Bacteria

Antibiotics kill both good and bad bacteria. Usually, it kills a good bacterial “Lactobacilli” responsible for the maintenance of our digestive system. Since yogurt contains millions of Lactobacilli that fulfill the vacant space of good bacteria. Therefore, it keeps our system strong. Use of yogurt before breakfast gives better results.


Performing exercise daily keeps our body, muscle and nerves strong. Because it increases heart and respiratory rates that force toxins to come out of tissues into your eliminatory system. While doing exercise blood carries oxygen to clean blood and remove toxins.

In conclusion, using probiotics after antibiotics is a good habit to keep our body clean from the toxins. Consequently, it is a healthy approach to live a sound life.


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